Look Up fails on Cloud-Based Translation Resources

I have a translation project where I am using multiple Cloud-Based Translation Resources (Translation Memories) to share the TMs with a group of colleagues. All was good until about 1:00 PM. For the last couple of hours though, when any of the users selects a segment in one of the biligual, the TM lookup fails with the follwing error:

"There was a problem while translating. See the Messages Window for more information."

In the MEssages window, for each of the Cloud-Based resources, the following message is listed:

"An error has occurred while using the Translation Provider [Name of the Translation Provider]: Cannot connect to the cloud".

This happens to all translators working on the project.

However, if I connect to Language Cloud using a browser via https://languagecloud.sdl.com, all TMs are accessible and I can add, delete and edit Translation Units in the TM maintenance page. Also, Term Recognition works fine with the CLoud Based Termbases.

Is anybody else experiencing this issue?

We are all using Trados Studio 2022 SR2 -