WS 10.4.4, 10.4.5 | WSXI-6570| Cannot add more than 90 locale pairs to a client’s TM mapping


Go to Management > User Setup > Clients, click an existing client or add a new one, and then click TDs & TMs. Under Translation Memory, select either Create blank default TM and use it for all locales or Choose default TM for all locales, and then select Advanced options. Click set another to add items one by one. Add as many languages as possible. Adding more than 90 languages to TM mappings in a client fails with the error "There was a problem retrieving data:400: Bad Request".


You can fix this issue by deploying the update to WorldServer 10.4.4 & 10.4.5, available on FTP.

If you cannot deploy it, contact the SDL Support Team:

  •     Log on to your "My SDL" Account.
  •     Log a support request via Support & Education Support


  • All systems running WorldServer 10.4.4. & 10.4.5 and having the above issue should have this hotfix applied.
  • The fix for this issue is also available in WS 11.1.0 CU1 and WS 11.1.1.