XLIFF files in SDL Studio


I have 2 issues that I would need your help on:

1. I have received some XLIFF files from a client which are an export from WordPress.
The XLIFF contains source segments followed by their target segments on which the translation will appear.
The problem is that there are some very large segments, "<source> --very large segment--</source>" which includes few paragraphs.
When I try to create a project in SDL Studio 2014, each very large segment appears as a single segment in the Editor. It doesn't do the proper segmentation as in a regular Word Document or any other documents.

2. When using SDL Studio 2014, somehow it duplicate the "source" tag to a <seg-source>.
The translated XLIFF would now have the <source>, <seg-source> and <target> tags.
The client claims that the translated XLIFF is empty and he can't see the content when he import the files back to WordPress.

Can you please help me with both issues?
It is decent to indicate that MemoQ solve the second issue - but not the first one.

Your prompt help would be much appreciated.

Best Regards