• Things You Can Do with SharePoint in Tridion Sites and Docs

    Things You Can Do with SharePoint in Tridion Sites and Docs Today, about 190 million users from more than 250,000 organizations across the globe use SharePoint to store, organize, access and share data from different devices, create intranet team sit...
  • Seamless App Development and Content Delivery with Containerization and M…

    Seamless App Development and Content Delivery with Containerization and Microservices Most of the modern application development involves use of a combination of different technologies. And hence application development is linked and dependent on the...
  • The #TridionMakesItEasy challenge

    Enter our competition for a chance to win a $200 voucher and a gift bag of SDL goodies. Share a post on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter between now and the end of the Tridion Expert Summit telling us how Tridion has made your life easier. It’s th...
  • Introducing SDL Tridion, the Intelligent Content Platform

    In the press release that we issued today you will see that we’ve introduced the next generation of our intelligent content platform – SDL Tridion. It’s our unique way of bringing together information inside and outside your busines...
  • SDL Tridion DX Provides a Single Solution

    SDL Tridion DX Provides a Single Solution for Brands to Create, Manage, Translate and Deliver Content to Customers, Partners and Employees. October 9, 2019, Maidenhead, U.K. SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation and de...
  • SDL Calls On Brands to Rethink Global Content Strategies as the Future of…


    Hi all,

    Yesterday we issued the below announcement to media, calling on brands to rethink their current global content strategies, and prepare for a digital future where content supply chains are autonomous, machine-first and human optimized, and capable of delivering any type of content to worldwide audiences.


    Thanks, Denis

  • Six Ways to Engage With Worldwide Audiences in 2019


    Hi all, this morning we announced six recommendations for businesses looking to engage with worldwide audiences in 2019.

    The recommendations are based on a Forrester Consulting study, ‘Today’s Content Supply Chains Prevent Continuous Customer Journeys,’ which looks at the content challenges facing companies when building a global customer experience strategy.

    Here's a link to the full release!


  • New release SDL Tridion DX - Launched


    On Wednesday (Nov 7), SDL announced a new release of SDL Tridion DX, which is based on a latest release of SDL Tridion Sites 9 and SDL Tridion Docs 13 SP2. Both are capable of publishing through a shared online delivery stack called Dynamic Experience Delivery (DXD). It is accompanied by a new version of DXA, which brings together two separate DXA streams.

    The SDL Tridion DX focuses on “Continuity of Experiences,” which…

  • Bootcamp Exercise: Content Models in Sites and Docs


    I'm back from a Partner Bootcamp, where I created the following ice-breaking exercise to help Sites and Docs practitioners understand how their respective content models compare. For more about boot camps read my last post. Otherwise, read on to see how you might adapt this exercise for your next presentation.

    Step 1: Volunteer or Voluntold

    First I asked two volunteers to kindly come up to draw and answer a few questions…

  • What is SDL Tridion DX?


    Let me start by quoting myself.

    “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose     

    By any other name would smell as sweet;           

    So Tridion would, were it not Tridion call’d,”

    —Quoting myself, as adapted from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

    SDL Tridion DX is the name of the SDL product suite that includes SDL Tridion Sites and SDL Tridion Docs, formerly SDL Web and SDL Knowledge Center, respectively…

  • GDPR Impact for Audience Manager


    This post wraps up the SDL Tridion DX GDPR Blog Post Series with Audience Manager, the Tridion Sites product add-on most focused on contact management and personal data by giving options for managing user consent with the Audience Manager APIs, a review of Data Subject Rights, 

    Managing User Consent

    Depending on your scenario, the "subscription status" option in Audience Manager could manage explicit opt-in if Outbound Email…

  • GDPR Impact for the Ambient Data Framework and Experience Optimization


    The following recommendation and scenarios can help you improve your privacy practices or address implementation scenarios you come across related to privacy when working with the Ambient Data Framework (ADF) and Experience Optimization (XO), which can help with personalization and content optimization scenarios.

    The ADF is a capability of the Unified Delivery Platform (UDP) that will be shared between SDL Tridion Sites…

  • Organizational Recommendations for GDPR Compliance


    My previous posts introduced GDPR concepts and the SDL Tridion DX features or capabilities impacted by GDPR. In this post, I'd like to share some organizational recommendations that go beyond any specific technology. This is by no means a comprehensive guide but it can highlight important privacy practices to consider such as:

    • Privacy by Design
    • Learning and Training
    • Transparency
    • Accountability

    Before looking at these…

  • GDPR Impact for SDL Tridion DX Features


    This post explains SDL’s content product features whose main use cases relate specifically to data subjects or your users. Keep in mind, however, that GDPR involves the processes surrounding your customers’ personal data. As such, compliance will involve people, processes, and technology across your organization.

    If you have or use the following features in SDL Tridion Sites or SDL Tridion Docs*, you should…

  • GDPR Introduction from a Content Perspective

    Terminology and Rights

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is privacy regulation that takes into effect on May 25, 2018, and describes how to handle Personal Data (PD) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of natural persons (residents and citizens) of the European Union (EU).

    The GDPR’s global reach applies to any organization that interacts with natural persons1 of the EU, regardless of where…

  • SDL Tridion DX GDPR Blog Post Series

    New Regulation. Familiar Practices.

    This blog post series introduces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the perspective of web and structured content management, relates privacy terminology to typical online use cases, explains features in the SDL Tridion DX Suite (SDL Tridion Sites and SDL Tridion Docs) that may be impacted by the regulation, and shares recommendations to help you comply with the GDPR. 

    I will post a new…