Make fields unique

It would be helpful for content managers and creators to be able to declare a field unique. There are use cases where fields within a component are internal IDs, and by definition they should be unique. When defining a field unique, the CMS should do a server side validation before saving the component and fail to save it when that ID is already assigned to another component with the same field name.

E.g., if a component contains a field named "Legacy ID", that field is expected to be unique, then a user creates a new component with "Legacy ID" 123, and that ID doesn't exist yet, the component is saved successfully. But if another user creates a new component which also contains the "Legacy ID" field, and gives it a value 123, then the CMS should fail the request to save the component with an error message indicating that ID was already assigned to another component. It'd also be helpful if the CMS could suggest new ID values that are not taken yet.

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    Thank you for suggesting this idea.We appreciate your input.

    However, it would be really helpful if you could help us with more information, such as the product you are referring to and its version, for example.

    Maybe if you have a screenshot to add, as well, it would help our colleagues even more.

    The reason I am asking for this is because I want to make sure you are getting your idea reviewed by the development team that is dealing with the right product and to do that, I need to move your idea in the right section.

    The section you posted this in is not the right one, as this is related to the Community platform itself, not a certain product. Each product has their own separate section.

    So if you could help us with the details I've asked, it'd be really helpful.

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