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Sub Groups
  • Trados Studio

    Trados Studio

    Any any question in here related to working with Trados Studio, MultiTerm or Machine Translation within Trados Studio. This is also a great place to discuss subtitling, working with regular expressions, XPath and AutoHotKey.
    Last Activity: 24 minutes ago
    18905 members
  • Trados Live Essential/Live Team/Enterprise

    Trados Live Essential/Live Team/Enterprise

    Come and ask any question, or discuss anything you like, about working with the Trados Live platform. Whether you are using Trados Live Essentials, Team or Enterprise we’ll be pleased to help you get the most from these products.
    Last Activity: 9 hours ago
    18936 members
  • Trados GroupShare

    Trados GroupShare

    Trados GroupShare
    Last Activity: 10 hours ago
    1547 members
  • Trados Business Manager

    Trados Business Manager

    This is a business accounting solution to help you manage your business tasks. If you’re a Freelancer using Essentials or Lite, or a company with Team or Enterprise, this is the place to come and ask your questions, or just stop by to discuss the product.
    Last Activity: 20 hours ago
    18931 members
  • Passolo


    Welcome to the Passolo User Forum
    Last Activity: 10 hours ago
    1513 members
  • MultiTerm
    Last Activity: 19 days ago
  • RWS AppStore

    RWS AppStore

    Including: Desktop & Cloud
    Last Activity: 17 hours ago
    18871 members
  • Connectors
    Last Activity: 19 days ago
    68 members
  • Beta Groups

    Beta Groups

    Including; Studio Beta; Passolo Beta; Trados Business Manager Beta, Trados GroupShare Beta
    Last Activity: 12 days ago
    2 members
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