Welcome to the Language Cloud API Developers Community!

Welcome to the RWS Community's Language Cloud API Developers Group, a hub of knowledge, support, and collaboration tailored for developers like you who work with Language Cloud APIs! Here, you'll find an interactive forum where you can ask questions about the APIs, troubleshoot your code, report potential bugs in the API or core product, and suggest new features or APIs that would benefit developers.

To further assist you in your development journey, we offer a comprehensive wiki. This is your go-to guide for getting started, picking up new tips & tricks, making the most of the APIs, and staying informed about updates. We’ve also gathered additional resources like sample code and informative articles to help you excel when working with the APIs.

Accessing the tools you need should be simple: we've provided a process for requesting a developer license so you can explore the full potential of Language Cloud APIs at your convenience. Please review the requirements before applying.

And lastly, our RWS Github pages help you stay connected to our open-source projects. While we don't have applications for Language Cloud open-sourced yet, there's plenty to learn and apply from our other projects. Join, engage, learn, and help shape the future of Language Cloud APIs!

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