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  • Workflow Approval Bundling / Multiple Components

    • New on 10 Nov 2021
    As a content editor or workflow approver, I need to be able to bundle/group components in workflow so I can select multiple components to approve at once instead of one at a time.
    • 10 Nov 2021 4:00 PM
  • A custom page to show all items that have been sent to translation in CME

    • New on 3 Nov 2021
    In a large blueprint with many publications, and many translated content scattered in many publication, it is a challenge to find these localized item(s) Improvement / Enhancement It would be nice if we can implement some GUI, such as perhaps,...
    • 3 Nov 2021 10:12 PM
  • Expiry notification

    • New on 2 Nov 2021
    Halla We have many items in many folders in tridion. Many have expiry dates, and many don't.. If we can see expiring items perhaps in advance like 24hrs or so, example of notifications or have the components turn into a different colour as...
    • 2 Nov 2021 7:35 AM
  • Tridion Site 9.5 Topology BUG - Page Editing operation in workflow bundle forcing Experience Manager to use

    • New on 26 Oct 2021
    • 1 Comment
    When Topology Publishing is implemented then only we faced this new issue. Before that it was working good. When Author go to Activities Panel, Select any Bundle workflow assigned to him and to try edit the page then its forcing the Author to edit page...
    • 26 Oct 2021 12:06 AM
  • Show which version of an item is published

    • New on 22 Sep 2021
    In Content Manager, a versioned item (page, component, etc.) is marked as published (to a specific target), but the information on the specific version (of the item) published is not available/displayed. It would be good users can see which version of...
    • 22 Sep 2021 2:49 PM
  • Support for FAN Configuration for Oracle database

    • Under Community Review on 29 Sep 2021
    Fast Application Notification (FAN) is a high availability and load balancing notification mechanism that Oracle RAC, Data Guard, and GoldenGate use to notify applications about cluster configuration and service-level information, including status changes...
    • 20 Sep 2021 10:37 PM
  • easily send components from a page for translation

    • New on 20 Aug 2021
    • 1 Comment
    Currently if you want to translate the components contained in a page, you can either: translate the page. However this will localize the components in the local country sites instead of in the translation blueprint layer, because the website publication...
    • 20 Aug 2021 10:04 AM
  • Auto delete old Publish Transactions

    • New on 19 Aug 2021
    There should be an option where Tridion would delete Publish Transactions after some time so that they are not stored indefinitely in CM database. My suggestion would be auto option where configurable timeframe would be in Tridion Content Manager Config...
    • 19 Aug 2021 8:40 AM
  • A multi-value component that contains 400-500 items that contain RTF take longer to load, save

    • Under Community Review on 10 Aug 2021
    We have a component schema that has an embedded schema that's multivalue. Within the embedded schema the field is RTF enabled (only the term field). When the number increases to 400 the component takes long time to load and save and browser also crashes...
    • 9 Aug 2021 9:17 PM
  • "Copy to localized components" functionality

    • Under Community Review on 27 Aug 2021
    Whenever I update the parent component with some content, I want to have an option to update localized components in child publications with same content (or part of it) in child publications. For example, I add an image to the parent component, with...
    • 23 Jul 2021 9:09 AM