Under Community Review

We're interested in making the per-target publishing information available to users in a way that works for all customers. See comments from Product Management below and feel free to offer more examples of Publishing Targets and customization to the main list view.

We'll likely offer per-target information "on demand," though we're seeing if we can get similar data in the main list itself (that performs well and works for any number of targets with minimal configuration). Votes and more examples can help increase attention for this enhancement request. :-)

Add icons to List view to show if Page / Component is published to Staging or Live

Add small circle icons to the GUI List view to indicate if an item is published to Staging or Live, in their own (small) Column.  Max to 2 or 3?  90%+ of customers have only 2 environments they publish to from a given Publication.  Maybe configured per Publication, and configuring which target is mapped to which color circle icon.

This is very helpful as in the normal content creation flow, content is created, then published to Staging, reviewed, and then published to Live.  Sometimes, content is only published to Live but not to Staging, and we would like to Publish to Staging.

Allowing a max of 2 targets to be configured per Publication keeps the GUI looking clean and minimal....

This would already be a huge improvement to the existing GUI where this information is unavailable in the list view. 

  • So really you're saying that we don't even need a pub queue anymore, rather just hit publish and wait for the icon in the column to update to 'published'.

    Also, if you hover off the circle, the tooltips help tell you what target is which.

  • Yes and more than that, specify between unpublished and published. 

  • It's pretty useful for the users, because they can easily tell at a glance from the list view if something is published, modified, etc.

    Screenshot of Tridion Sites Ideas list view showing Publish Status column with green circles indicating published items and a yellow circle indicating a modified item.

    I sometimes use it as a replacement for the publish status window, instead of spamming the refresh button there to see if my publish is complete, spamming the refresh button on list page header to see the icon change from unpublished or yellow/stale, to green/published.

  • Alvin, I'm in the same team as Travis, I'll explain you the logic I use for that...
    First of all I get all the publish status order descendent by PublishedAt in that way you know the first item is the latest one, but since it might be outdates I also check if it's stale or not...something like this

    FirstPublishedInDescendentOrderedList = GetTooltTip(info, string.Empty, info.PublishedAt >= revisionDate ? PublishStatusIcons.LatestPublished : PublishStatusIcons.Stale, publishStatusList);

    Then I iterate the rest of the list checking if the item is just published in the target or stale in the target, based on the result I know I must show it as "Published" or "Stale". In the first case it would be either "Latest" or "Stale"
  • Thanks! I thought I remembered writing about it before but couldn’t find it.