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Welcome to the Community Solutions Hub for Trados! This is where Trados users gather to explore every corner of the Trados Portfolio, from Studio to MultiTerm, Passolo, Language Weaver, RWS AppStore and anything else you come across working with Trados.

What's Inside:

  • Things you'd like to learn: Suggest topics for our clinics which we'll be running every two weeks. It’s your space to learn and share.

  • Clinic Recordings: Catch up on any clinic you miss. We store all sessions in our gallery for easy access whenever you need them.

  • Clinic Calendar: Keep track of upcoming clinics, topics, and joining details. Never miss an opportunity to learn.  We'll be running these workshops every two weeks, covering everything from the basics of translating a file to advanced API use. Your questions drive these real-world solution sessions

Get Involved: Check out our Hub Essentials Wiki for guidelines and tips on making the most of our community.

Together, let's master the Trados tools and transform your translation workflow.

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