Under Community Review

Valid request. It is even more pressing in the Sites 9 where Region Schema does not have its own icon either. Couple of qualifying questions:

  1. How often you have schemas of different types in the same folder (and of which subtypes). I'd assume that, for example, Parameters Schemas would be stored next to templates and not where Component Schemas are defined. On the other hand, Embeddable and Component Schemas, probably, defined in the same location.
  2. CM shows schemas in quite a number of lists, fields and drop-downs. Would it be enough to show customized icons in the main list view only?

Differentiating icons for Metadata Schemas and Embeddable Schemas

It would be useful to have custom icons for Embeddable Schemas and Metadata Schema in the list view of Content Manager Explorer, to be able to differentiate these items.

If possible, the "Type" column should be display the full schema type (instead of just "Schema" for all schema types):

  • Multimedia Schema
  • Embeddable Schema
  • Metadata Schema

  • 1. This happens quite frequently. Structuring of schemas is typically done based on customer requirements. Even if stored in different folders, schemas of different types can still be displayed together in virtual folders, bundles, etc.

    2. Displaying customized icons in all views is preferred.