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The request is valid, but it would be nice to get more details on the use case.

  1. Having a list of pages and components published to a particular target type, what would be the next step?
  2. Are you looking for:
    1. list of up-to-date published pages?
    2. list of pages that have not been published yet?
    3. list of "stale" items that have been published earlier, but new version is available that needs to be republished?
    4. list of items that have been published to a particular target?
  3. Are you looking for a separate list (like search results) or more granular publish information throughout the UI? For example, what if list of pages will contain extra information like terget types where page was published?

Display the list of pages and components published to particular target type.

We have a request that "the functionality to display the list of pages and components published to a particular target type" is needed.

-There are live and staging target types.
-We would like know which version of pages and which version of components are published to live target type or staging target type.
So we need to functionality to display the list of those pages and components by target types.

  • Personally I would like to see the feature implemented in the "Advanced Search" so that instead of only being able to filter on published items, we can also query items published to specific targets.

    The use case for us is we have an english site which has all of our approved content published. When we roll out a new language version of the same site, we need to figure out which content to publish. Our language sites should reflect our english site in terms of the content published, so without this type of search - we have to use the coreservice to get the list of items (components and pages) published specifically to live, so that we can publish that same list to live in our new site. I could see this being extremely useful because we could use the advanced search, for example, to find all Case Studies published to live on our english site. This bundle could then be used to send this list of items to translation, publish it in a new language site - etc.

    A simpler use case is when our editors want to review all components of a particular schema which are published live, filtering out the items only published to preview which are displayed in the current advanced search. I'd love to see this feature added.

  • Hi people, this is a rather popular idea (quite a number of votes), but currently too vague in terms of use cases and desired solution directions. Please provide more feedback to help us determine if it is feasible to include this in Sites 9.1.

  • The most familiar use cases I've seen are knowing where an item is published, either when making an update or troubleshooting content not appearing on a site in the list view or secondarily, in search.

    In the list view, knowing a certain item is on Staging or Live can also help keeping track of the next action such as publishing the recent changes that are not yet Live.

    Most publishing processes I've seen include a few Target Types (often "Staging" and "Live") where there are "lower" Targets up to the "Live" Target Type. Occasionally you might see Target Types split into channels (Mobile, Social Media, etc.), but this request would still be useful in those cases.

    Target Type useful in search as well, but I'd split the idea into two parts unless it's easy enough to do both at once.

  • It can also be implemented as Where Used functionality for a target type. However, having this option in Advanced Search will allow combining several search conditions to narrow search results.