Under Community Review
  • What are example use cases where direct Page Links are better than Component Links?
  • If we provide Page Linking functionality, where would you put the Page Links?  In Page metadata? Or also in Component content/metadata?  Components are often defined higher up in the BluePrint than Pages, so it may not be possible to link from Components to Pages (?)
  • Should it be possible to constrain the type of Pages you can link to (by Page Template or Page Schema)?
  • Should it be possible to embed Page Links in a Rich Text field?
  • Should it be possible to unpublish a Page if another published Page links to it?

Page Linking

Tridion should allow linking to Pages directly rather than through Component Links.

In order to simulate Page Linking functionality, we have created a "shadow navigation" structure using Navigation Shadow Components (which reflect Pages), so we can use Component Links to link to Pages. This solution is customization heavy and hard to maintain.

  • This is really one of those "that's just how Tridion works, get over it" things. The point is that component linking is a very powerful concept, but people don't immediately see the benefit of it. They want to link to a page, and working with component links seems like overhead. Obviously, Tridion /does/ have page linking, and there are probably some cases where it would be nice to have UI support for it, just not everywhere. The obvious use case is where there's a special page of some sort rather than a generic content page. Maybe it has only dynamic content, so there's no component to link to. (Many implementations just use dummy components for this, but if feels clunky.) The challenge is to add support for page linking where it will genuinely help, without creating a situation where people use page links for everything and component linking never gets into their comfort zone.

  • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Rick. I didn't get a notification of your comment for some reason and have only just come back here after reading your blog post about Page Linking.

    Both the Pages and the Components were in the same Publication(s) for the solution that we built (I know - It was a legacy application that we picked up and was already like this!), so fortunately, we didn't have to worry about this.

    I guess that there are a few ways to handle this though, including:

    1. A user can select only one page to link to in one of the child publications (not ideal - unless this Page was inherited by the majority of the sites)

    2. A user can select multiple pages to link to, depending on the website publication

    I don't envy you guys the UX and UI design on that one! :)

  • What about the BluePrinting aspects? Do you allow links from Components to Pages? If so, aren't your Components higher up in the BluePrint than your Pages? If so, how does that work?

  • We've just built a GUI extension to implement this - allowing the editors to pick either pages or components in the item selector dialogue (with the link resolved at publish time), so it's definitely still needed! :)