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Translation API - Data and transportation error response

How will the Translation API respond:
- In case of content error like ( meta data missing/incomplete information to process the request etc) – Data errors. Will the error response be part of the payload?
- In case of transaction failures ( Connectivity issues/timeouts etc..) – Transaction specific error response and codes to be handled

  • Just to add more information about these questions:

    Currently we have an integration that breaks when the job/file errors out in TMS. In such cases a human TMS admin needs to intervene.

    We would like the new integration code that Jeyashree's team is developing to be able to react and recover from such cases automatically.

    Is there a way via the API to know if there is an error in TMS?


  • Hi Jeyashree, James,

    There is currently no "error" state returned by the ManTra API. Where tasks are in Recovery/Exception in TMS, the ManTra API returns an "In Progress" state. The view we initially took is that the Recovery/Exception steps are assigned to an 'Administrator' who is able to take the appropriate corrective action for these tasks in TMS. We therefore decided not to expose this level of detail via the ManTra API. Any integrations should pick up the correct state once any Recovery/Exception issues have been resolved in TMS.

    If we were to enhance the API to return some form of "error" state, how would this be used to enhance the integration you are working on? What would you do differently if the API returned an error state? Is the team responsible for resolved Recovery/Exception issues not already assigned to the corresponding workflow steps in TMS?