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Query TU by ID on the GroupShare REST API


is it possible to query one or more TUs by their ID through the GroupShare REST API? I have not found any related method on the swagger definition, and also have not found a way to reference the ID in the filters (



  • Hi ,

    you are right, there is no special end-point to query a specific translation unit using a TU ID or GUID.
    I did find one trick that can be used to get a particular TU by using the /tus endpoint and 'startTuId' and 'count' query parameters.

    Here is what you can try:

    - each TU has a 'tuid' under the 'metadata' object in JSON, for example 5
    (please note that these ids are integers, not guids)

    - when you use the /api/tmservice/tms/{tmId}/tus endopoint to get all TUs you can specify
    'startTuId' and a 'count' as query parameters (they are actually mandatory)

    - so for our example, if you'd need TU with id=5 you would then call that endpoint
    with 'startTuId=4' and 'count=1'

    I did test this on a couple of TMs and various TUs and it works but we're not using this anywhere in production so I cannot guarantee anything.
    Please note that these integer TU IDs do not have to be in order / continuous.

    Give it a try and see if this helps with your problem. If you'd need more info or a demonstration just please contact me directly via email.


  • Hi Mio,

    thanks for the investigation, I think this solution will work!

    If you think, you could add a more direct solution to the roadmap as well. Especially, the ability to query multiple TUs by an ID list



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