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Update modifier user/time of TU through the GS REST API


Do you know about any way to update the modifier user / time flags of an existing TU through the GS REST API?

We are synchronizing TM-s between two machines, and the only way to transfer the identity of the modifier user + the time of the modification of an updated TU to the target system is to delete and recreate this TU in the target system. It seems that we can create a new TU with any creator/modifier user/timestamp, but on updating a TU, the modifier user is always actualized to the current user.

I'm using 

UI: 15.0.0
GS: - GS 2020

best regards,


  • Hi Tamas,

    yes, that is the case. I've double-checked with the Development and the system fields like CreationUser, ChangeUser, UseUser (and the corresponding timestamps) cannot be changed via REST API. They are only updated in the background, indirectly through operations (like what you describe). The REST API has an end-point for updating fields /tus/fields/apply but this is only for custom fields.

    I will be in touch with Development on possible changes here and will keep you posted.