Dear SDL,

I have just started using Language Cloud and i want to write a .NET wrapper, with which I can export termbases. I have found the sample code that has been proposed here a few years ago and i also found a sample code at github (https://github.com/sdl/language-cloud-dotnet-sample). However i cannot make them work. The returned error message is something like "The API key is invalid".

Based on the previous instructions i copied the API key from here (see below):

  • I noticed there used to be 2 menu points: Application Key and API Key, but API key does not appear and the current link's ending is '...integrations/api-keys', which make believe that i am on the right page
  • I tried to use the Application keys from here
  • Also tried to use the copy secret
  • I also checked 'Developer Capabilities' at account management.

What am i missing?

Thank you in advance,