Slow word count

Good morning,
I'm using the RWS API to retrieve word count information on some files.

The flow I'm following is this:

1) Login on /tm4lc/api/v1/auth/token;
2) Upload file to /tm4lc/api/v1/files/:projectOptionsId;
3) Project creation on /tm4lc/api/v1/projects passing the file id;
4) Retrieving project information on /tm4lc/api/v1/projects/:projectId

The information I need is on the fourth call, here I retrieve the new words, the count and the fuzzy words.

If I upload a file of medium size 2/4mb, doing a GET on the project information, the various counts mark zero for a few minutes (even 5), after which the correct counts are returned.

Is there a way (or another flow) to retrieve this information without necessarily having to wait all this time for the information to be processed?