File not available om UI after upload through API

Hello All,

I was able to upload a word file into an existing project by using the API (.NET SDK). The API response is OK:

var properties = new SourceFileRequest
    Language = "en-US",
    Name = "Test",
    Role = SourceFileRequestRole.Reference,
    Type = SourceFileRequestType.Native,
    TargetLanguages = new List<string>() { "en-US" }
var sourceFile = await fileClient.AddSourceFileAsync(project.Id, file, properties);

When I try to see the file in the project UI, a validation error is shown:

GET /lc-api/projects/v3/projects/62d5c729f25d3321a6a38ff0/files
The server encountered an error processing the request. Try again later.
  "showPermissions": true,
  "skip": 0,
  "top": 100,
  "sortField": [
  "sortOrder": [
  "includeSourceFiles": true,
  "includeTargetFiles": true
  "errorCode": "ValidationError",
  "message": null,
  "details": []

Thank you!
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