CheckinFiles LocalFileState=new doesn't work

Studio 2017SR1

GS 2017 SR1

Hi there,

don't have success following this instruction "" to checkin new files.

I'm adding files with


to an existing Server Project, which works well, so far. But checking in this file, doesn't work:

_tradosProject.CheckinFiles(new Guid[] { file.Id }, "common", StatusEventHandler);

Nothing happens here. Even Fiddler is quite as nothing is transfered to Server.

Checking in files in Studio by hand (Project updated by this process) works well, and Fiddler also logs some SOAP Actions (including checkin files).

Any ideas, what I'm doing wrong? Is this a bug and if so is this fixed in Studio 2019?



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  • Thanks for this code of Tamas. I could checkin files but there are some problems still left.

    I coded an automation where I import files in an already published Groupshare project.

    The first issue is that when converting the source files to target langue then all files are converted to all languages.

    This would be ok but unlike with the Studio Client it is not possible to delete the unnecessary files from some target languages with use of the API.

    And the checkin of a newly added file always checks in the new file for all languages (as does the Studio client).

    So there is no automated way of "cleaning" the project of not needed files before publishing them on the server. The main reason is that the deleting of files from target languages is not possible with the API.

    I hope that my explanations were possible to follow. Smiley

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