Google AutoML - anyone working on a Studio plugin?

hi there,

the general availability of Google AutoML GA is planned for this year. I was wondering if anyone is already planning on supporting this evolution of the Google API? Either through a new Studio plugin or a revised existing Google plugin for Studio?

Thanks for any insight you can share.


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  • I am aware of a 3rd party developer who did create a Beta version of a solution using Google AutoML.  It's not ready for release yet as the developer is currently refactoring the code to work as a TM provider.  I'm pretty sure it'll go on the appstore when it's ready.

    If you want to take a look now you'll find details on how the initial release works here:

    What's also interesting about this is how much effort is required on the users part to set up the ability to use the Google features in the first place.

  • Hi Paul and all,

    Following the link you gave above, it looks like the plug-in for AutoML is now available.

    It does look somewhat complicated to set it up (getting the .json file from Google), but there is a video showing the steps.

    Have you heard any feedback from people using the plugin for AutoML?

    Best regards,

    Tom Fennell

  • It is a complicated process... Google have not made this easy for consumers.  You can also find this one if you're interested:

  • Hello Tom!   This is Todd Gillies--I'm actually the developer of the plug-in for AutoML (GoogleCloud'n Glossary) mentioned above.

    As Paul mentioned, the steps involved in setting up a Google Cloud Platform account for use with the plugin are a bit complex.  In the old days, all you needed was a "key" (a special string of letters and numbers) to access the Google translate API, but with this new version (V3 + AutoML), unfortunately a *.json file is required (which can be created and downloaded from Google Cloud Platform, following the steps in the video).

    As for feedback, I've become aware (through user feedback) that the plugin sometimes doesn't translate documents fully when using the "Batch Translate" task in Trados.  If the document has a lot of formatting (and thus a lot of tags), the plugin may skip certain segments of sections of segments, when performing Batch Translate.  I'm working on a fix right now, and will release a new version of the plugin when possible.  However, even at this point--if translating files without many formatting tags--the plugin does pretty well in Batch Translating 100% of the segments.

    In my own work as a translator, I've used the plugin dozens of times now, and have been very pleased with the results (using the glossary function).  I hope you can download it and try it--if you have any problems creating or downloading your *.json file, please drop me a line.

    Thank you!

    Todd Gillies
    Browser-beijin Plugins

  • Hi Todd,

    Great to make your acquaintance!

    Sorry it to so long for me to respond - life got in the way.

    I am interested in trying this out, and am willing to invest some time using your video to try and set it up.

    I will contact you at  your email address on the website if (probably when) I have any more questions.

    Best regards,

    Tom Fennell