Plugins with access to the same custom dll but in different version

Hello everyone,

I am using SDL Trados 2019 SR 2.

I am struggle with problem with two plugins which reference the same custom dll but in different versions. The problem is as follow:

When "plugin 1" is loaded by SDL Studio the referenced library, let say in version 1001, is also loaded in memory, then "plugin 2" is loaded but the library in version 2001 is ignored. Now, when plugin 2 tries to rich the code from version 2001 it failed because library cannot be found.

My question is:

Is it normal behavior? or maybe I missed something? In addition both version of dll are signed and versioned in VS.

Do you know any solution for my problem apart from copy/paste code from library to both plugins Slight smile

Thank you for your commends or tips!

Kind regards,