Upgrade to New Community Platform version 8.5.10

Dear all,

Saturday 9 Jan we have migrated from 8.0 to 8.5.10 version of Telligent. If you are interested in the capabilities of this platform, then here you can find the full documentation.

We are still finding small issues and we are solving them one by one. You will find those posts in the Community Upgrade Feedback Section

If you find anything yourself, then please post a forum post in the  Community Upgrade Feedback Section

A full feature comparison between v 8.0 and 8.5 can be found here as well.

The most notable features added to the community are:

  • Chat: You can chat with people with whom you are friends in the Community. You can also disable it if you do not like to chat.
  • Ideation: You can create challenges and bring in ideas for those challenges.
  • Analytics: Group owners now have the capability to run group activity analytics. 
  • Polls: The editor is now capable of adding a poll in any created document. It sits under the cryptic name: Insert Embeddable Content and has the logo of "</>"

Next to the platform delivery of functionality, we have finally deployed a who host of fixes that we were waiting for to help you on your improvement requests. Now we will be able to close some long standing topics.