Why does community email keeps coming?

I unsubscribed only one group that I joint before to ask a question(meaning that I don't join any group)

I unchecked every items on notification.

But why does community email keeps coming to my email account?

This happens, from yesterday(Sudden and unexpected issue).

Please, help me. It's annoying.

PS. FYI, I don't have 2nd account. And I know how to move unwanted email to trash folder or other folder automatically on any email services.

  • Hi Soohyn,

    Thanks for reaching out.
    I just checked you account and it looks like you have unsubscribed to all groups and forum so you shouldn't get any emails anymore.
    When did you unsubscribe? If this was last week it could be a couple of emails got stuck.
    Our email job got stuck last week and was restarted yesterday, that could be the reason for you receiving some emails.
    Now, you shouldn't receive any emails for subscriptions anymore.