When writing a topic in a forum is it possible to store a draft without publishing it?

I am currently writing a monthly series of articlea in the Contenta Publishing/XPP group.
These articles tend to be rather long and it takes me a bit of time to write them.
So I have been looking to have the possibility to store a draft without publishing it and then continue to work on the article at some time later.

I would also like very much to have the opportunity to write article up front and then release it a certain date (since my series is a monthly thing)

As far as I know this is not possible for the moment and if it is, I would very much like to know how to do this.

If it is not possible to do such a thing, then can it be added to the 'todo' list?

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  • Thanks Lennert for your answer.

    This is possible! You can do this with Blogs. If you're writing a blog post you can save it as draft and come back later to continue and publish your post. We can share screens to explain how this works if you have questions.

    The problem here is that we have a group called SDL Contenta Publishing Suite.
    This group contains a number a very different products.
    So the admin for this group created 4 forums: General Questions, SDL Contenta, SDL Livecontent and (last but not least) XPP forum.

    Unfortunately in those forums you can blog.
    There is only a blog opportunity in the SDL Contenta Publishing Suite group.
    But most of the people subscribed to the XPP forum are not following this group.

    So having the 'Save draft' possibility on the blog does not really help me.
    Is there a possibility to add this 'Save draft' possibility to either the 'discussion' option when you enter a new item in a forum?
    (I fail to see the logic for allowing the save draft option to a blog but not to a 'discussion' item

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    OK will do...