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Subscribed and notifications are on, but not receiving email notifications

I am subscribed and notifications are on in the settings, but I am not receiving email notifications.

I assume that means I won't receive an email notification if anyone replies to this post.

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  • Hi again

    I am now receiving two copies of each email notification.

    Could you please ask whoever "fixed" my Community account to take another look.

    Thank you

  • Hi

    I messaged you 2 days ago, but I guess you are not checking your messages.

    My problem likely does not affect anyone else, but I suppose I will have to continue addressing it here in this forum.

    As I mentioned, I am receiving 2 copies of every Community post.

    I just noticed that the copies are being sent to two different email addresses.

    One of the addresses is the address that is registered in my Community profile.

    I use the second email address for other purposes and, although I may have used it for SDL in the past, I do not see the second email address anywhere in my profile now.

    Could you please have someone look into what is happening, and ensure that I only receive Community posts that are sent to the email address indicated in my profile.

    Thank you.