Terminology provider connection issue

Dear RWS,

I have created a custom terminology provider for Studio 2022, 2021 and 2019. It connects to a remote web service and use that as a source. When the studio loads the terminology provider, if the service is not available, user not available...etc the plugin display a Window, in which the user can try to login. In studio 2022 everything works fine, but in Studio 2019, it fails to load the terminology provider, because when the plugin tries to display the UI to login, it throws an error "calling thread must be STA". In Studio 2022 this error is also thrown, but after the first error, studio API tries once again and it successfully display the login UI. Thus I thought this is a fallback mechanism from studio side, if this error is cacthed then it retries to create the provider from the STA thread. I beleived in this, because it is quite a common scenario, if i remember well, if i add a server based MultiTerm termbase, and if the server is not available it also display a similar login window. However finding that 2019 studio works differently, it questions my beleif about that it is an on purpose fallback mechanism.

Can you advise about this?

Thanks in advance,