How to remove a LOV from content using ISHRemote

Question: Is there a way to use ISHRemote to remove LOV values from content in TDX?

I'm using PowerShell to automate publishing in TDX 14. I have a PS script to allow users to create named "collections" of publications, and then perform some action on them (generate PDFs, download existing PDFs, enable/disable draft comments, etc.).

The collection names are values in LOV that users add to a field in the publication properties, and then are referenced by the PS script.

I'd like to use the ISHRemote module to manipulate the value in LOV (so that users can automate removing collection names, for example).

I know that the Remove-IshLovValue cmd-let can be used to delete values from an LOV. But this only works if the value is not actively in use in content.

So what I need is to first return a list of all publications that have the selected LOV value in their "collection name" field, remove the value from these fields in each publication, THEN run Remove-IshLovValue to delete the collection name/value.

Is this possible?