3 Reasons why you should join the SDL Community

I get this question a lot, and understandably so. So here are the 3 good reasons why you should join the SDL Community.

Get the most value out of your investment with SDL

It is a known fact in the IT industry that a user only knows maybe 10% of the potential of his/her product. During our community operation we frequently stumble over a situation that a user receives knowledge from a community member - be it an external or SDL employee - and realizes: " I wish I would have known this years ago". So, becoming a member of our product and user groups, even if you only want to passively follow the conversation, usually immediately results in the awareness of the capabilities of your product.

It is a trusted place to be

That is of course a daring statement. So, here is why. First of all we NEVER use your information in any other way than to serve you. We care maniacally about your privacy. We never share information about you with other partners. We do everything to organize a protected environment where you can feel safe and where you are in control of your information. There are other platform out there, well known even, that people have come to distrust. They either distrust the company that is operating it or they distrust the members because they do not know them. All our programs are all based on 4 principles : value, trust, innovation and sharing. A recent survey, of which I will share the information in a new blog, shows that there is an exceptionally high level of trust among community members. And we are mighty proud of that.

Have a voice

Like any company these day, SDL is reshaping her business all the time. You, as a customer or partner, will see the same changes happening around your own work environment. As we are adapting to your journey, the only way for us to do that is by talking to you. The SDL Community was set up for you to have a voice and be heard. Behind every group there are experts from SDL and outside and they are willing to listen and have a conversation with you. This can either be a question, an opinion, knowledge share or a new idea or whatever you want to talk about in your profession. We are now a 8 months in this operational mode and this is definitely a good time to speak and hook up with peers from either SDL or other community members.