Major changes coming to the SDL Community

Dear all,

This is a heads up for those who are following the development of our community platform. As you all know, a community platform is not a website. You evolve as you fulfill needs of their participants. Here are the things we plan to do in the fall of 2015 and they are quite substantial. Comments, as usual, are always welcome.

  1. Platform upgrade: Most of you know we are running on a platform called Zimbra Social 8.0 now renamed BACK into Telligent 8.0. We are upgrading to 8.5. Currently at the time of writing it is in UAT. We're not happy yet because we want this to be flawless. Hopefully we can also see some fixes to unsolved issues mentioned in this group.
  2. Functionality upgrade: We have invested in a license upgrade. We will add the ability of "Ideation" and "Chat with Friends". Also we will add some Analytics for group owners.
  3. Structure reorg: Funny thing is. Anybody who wants to have a "thing" done in the community, first wants to change the structure :-). We've listened to new parties coming onboard and we will be upgrading the structure towards the way we are operating in the market. This will make it easier for you to navigate or find stuff.
  4. Content & Experts: Now, this is where it really gets exciting. There is nothing worse than have a strategy and people are not buying it. Fortunately your presence and your questions have not gone unnoticed inside SDL and we have decided to take our content delivery and support with experts to the next level. In the second half of 2015 you will find a lot more activities across the product groups. This means, your questions get answered more quickly and we have the right people in place to help you out in your journey. Now, grass doesn't grow by pulling on it, so we also depend on the interaction with you. The more you ask, the more you will see answers.

If this leads, to a snafu, then please do not shoot us. Tell us, like you always do, what we need to improve and you can be assured we'll listen and fix it.

Best Regards

Wilfried Rijsemus

Community Director & Strategist