My boss won't let me share...I think.

So, Innovate San Francisco has passed. Great turnup and great energy. I get to talk to a lot of people. Also gained new insights. So, there was this little sentence in my head that kept coming back at me: "My boss won't  let me share my stuff" followed by something similar as "I think". Because, when we really asked this boss if s/he could share their stuff it seemed OK.

Perhaps the unbridled sharing on the internet may be an issue but sharing your SDL stuff with the "SDL family" may be just a little bit more easy than you think. In return for sharing your stuff you get great responses from others that will share stuff with you that you DIDN"T know yet and will greatly advance your work and ultimately that of your department and company.

So, next time you want to share stuff, maybe you can explain that we all benefit from it and if you then still need help we sure would be willing to spend some time with your boss or higher in the chain of command to make that happen. We can accept a conscious "NO" of course but we found that sometimes the question was just not asked properly.