My question removed, why?


This morning I checked the Trados Studio Forum to see if there had been any answers to a question I posted yesterday on the Trados Studio forum. I was very surprised to see that my question was nowhere to be found. It was about being unable to open Cloud project files, so I did a search on the word Cloud to see if I could find it. The list of results had my question at the top, but without my name, and when I clicked on it, I got the message that the page no longer existed.

That was when I checked my email and discovered that the following message was sent to me: "The thread "Unable to open Cloud project files (.sdlxliff)" needed to be moved. You won’t be getting anymore notifications for this thread." That was all; there was no explanation.

How can I find out what happened? My original post was polite, straightforward, and with no extraneous information or commentary or anything derogatory about the Trados Studio 2022 program. Far from it! I like using Studio, even though I am brand new at using it and run into occasional snags like this one.

The big problem is that I can't proceed with my work until I get the question resolved. There was no message indicating a reason, such as that it had been moved to another forum.

Can anyone explain this? If it matters to anyone, I have 5 badges, and have had other questions to the Trados Studio forum answered by helpful people.

I hope someone can explain this so I can get a resolution to the original problem, and so that I can understand what rule determined that my post should be removed.

Please help; I will be very grateful!

Thanks in advance!