Exciting Learning Opportunity: Trados Terminology Course

Exciting Learning Opportunity: Trados Terminology Course

Calling all linguists and language enthusiasts in the RWS Community!

We're thrilled to introduce our latest course, "Introduction to Trados Terminology", designed to equip you with essential skills for effective terminology management using Trados Terminology.

Dart Course Overview:

This course is tailored for linguists, including translators, terminologists, and administrators, who want to enhance their proficiency in terminology and termbase management using Trados Terminology. In this engaging course, you'll grasp key terminology concepts, master cloud-based termbase creation, and gain practical skills for efficient term importation and termbase maintenance.

Here are some of topics covered in the course:

Blue book Introduction to Terminology: Start with the basics and understand the significance of terminology.

Key Key Aspects of Terminology Management: Learn essential elements of terminology management.

Large blue circle Trados Terminology: Explore the features of Trados Terminology for smoother workflow.

Globe with meridians Creating a Termbase: Step-by-step guidance on creating your terminology termbase.

Pencil Creating Terminology Entries: Learn how to add new terminology entries.

Wrench Term and Termbase Maintenance: Discover best practices for keeping your termbase in top shape.

Pen fountain️ Applying Trados Terminology: Put your skills into practice by effectively applying Trados Terminology in both the Online Editor and Trados Studio.

More information and access to the course on Trados.com.

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to enhance your terminology management skills with Trados Terminology! Enroll today and take your translation capabilities to the next level.

Happy Learning!