NEW! eLearning – XPP Fundamentals

The training team is pleased to introduce you to a brand new XPP Fundamentals course in eLearning format. This 3.5 hours eLearning course provides users with an overview of the operational aspects of XPP and is foundational learning for any new XPP user.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to XPP
  • Documentation
  • Using PathFinder
  • Using the XyView window
  • Editing tools
  • Composition and pagination
  • Streams
  • Job setup
  • Importing data
  • Output

Target Audience and Purpose of the Course

The course is aimed at individual students with little or no exposure to XPP prior to taking the course. Students will benefit most from this course if they have already been exposed to or worked with non-XPP page composition systems. Further benefits will accrue to those students who have experience with XML markup. This course is for style developers, page editors, productions managers and XPP administrators.

Course participants will get an introduction to XPP and learn how to use the XPP user interfaces to navigate and work inside documents. This course will prepare participants to import XML, create and modify documents, use XPP style libraries, output to print and PDF and export HTML. This is a broad introduction to XPP and a must for all business users.


Purchasing the course

Subscriptions are purchased per named user, without any expiration date. Users are entitled to updated versions of the course associated with minor product version releases as they become available.

Every new XPP customer will be entitled to 5 free XPP Fundamentals eLearning subscriptions. We also offer a 20% discount for a package of five (5) subscriptions. 

If you would like to purchase the XPP Fundamentals eLearning course, please click here or contact your sales representative. Further information on the XPP courses can be found on the RWS Website or by contacting

Accessing the course

This course is delivered in English only and is hosted on our RWS University learning portal. Each user will be given individual access to the course and will be able to take it at their own pace.

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  • In the app, enter university in the Portal Url field and sign in using your email address and password.
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