SDL Training - Coaching for success

When it comes to sport, we all understand the fundamentals involved to be successful.  Not all of us will take part in the Olympics, but we have an appreciation for the intensity of training an athlete undertakes to achieve their goals.

For an athlete coaching is a necessity to accelerate knowledge, capability, productivity and performance.  Similarly in our professional lives, the ability to be effective in our goals is ultimately prefaced by a need for learning. 

How do we approach training?

We believe for customers to achieve success in their goals they should readily have access to information around our technology.  A big step towards this is the availability of SDL Community and SDL Knowledge Base. These are essentially self-serve mechanisms which our customers can leverage freely as and when required.

However, as with an Olympic athlete, professional technical coaching is also a must in order to accelerate capability, productivity and performance.  Incorporating training at critical points in a project or long term continual improvement plan can be key to delivering sustainable performance and results;

  • Project implementation
  • Go live for additional user(s)
  • Following product technology developments i.e. upgrades, new feature function introduction
  • Managing knowledge deficit due to resource reorganisation, organic staff turnover, addition of new team members etc.

With this in mind, to facilitate effective knowledge and understanding of our technology we are reshaping how our training is delivered.  Alongside traditional ‘class room’ models, we will shortly be introducing a series of eLearning options.

We are also continually exploring innovative ideas around providing you additional options that meet your training requirements.