Working with Studio Project Packages - Unveiling our latest mini-learning!

Working with Studio Project Packages - Unveiling our latest mini-learning!

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 Are you ready to level up your Trados Studio skills? Here's a new eLearning course on "Working with Project Packages" for Project Managers seeking to elevate their proficiency in Trados Studio. This course is ideal for those with a foundational understanding of the tool.

This comprehensive 1,15-hours course is designed to help you develop a solid understanding of project packages and get an in-depth overview of working with package files and opening project and return packages.

Let's have a sneak peek of the topics:

Small blue diamond Project setup, including creating a project ready for distribution via project packages, general settings configuration, TM and termbase selection, and QA checker options setup

Small blue diamond Project package management, starting with creating packages, deciding on the optimal number of packages, distributing them, and monitoring task history efficiently.

Small blue diamondProcessing a project package, from opening and processing it to adjusting project settings, translating and verifying documents, and finally, creating return packages and importing return packages back into the original project.

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