Issue with a question in knowledge check keyboard shortcuts in Trados Studio Level 1 eLearning

I'm studying the enter guide of Studio 2022. Now I have a problem with this question: Trados Studio eLearning interface showing a 'Knowledge check' question where users must drag and drop keyboard shortcuts to their corresponding actions before clicking 'SUBMIT'.

Although I moved the various labels as requested (and I made sure I moved them all), when I click on Submit it gives me this error: 

Pop-up error message on Trados Studio eLearning stating 'Invalid Answer - You must complete the question before submitting.' with an 'OK' button. 

For me, the question is complete: It’s true, maybe there might be a mistake, but the question should still be considered as completed. The problem is that now I’m stuck with the course, it doesn’t allow me to continue. Did someone face the same issue? Or does anyone have a solution to solve it?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

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