Intermediate certification for Studio 2019?

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. Nice to meet you. Slight smile

I passed the Getting Started test in June and am ready to move on to Intermediate. I attempted to purchase the test last night, and sat down to take it, when I realized that for some reason, the only tests I had available were Getting Started for 2019 (which I've already passed and can't take again; that was displayed correctly), and Intermediate for 2017.

I use both versions at work and am equally confident in my abilities in both, but since 2019 is the newest version, I definitely think it would be more useful to have that certification.... but no matter what I click on, I can't find any way to take the 2019 test.  I tried changing the language from English to Japanese and back again (those are the only two languages I'm proficient enough in to attempt the test, so I haven't tried the others), and it still didn't work.  I'm afraid that if I take the 2017 test, I will just have to pay again to take the 2019 test later, and since I already know how to use 2019, that seems like a waste.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar, and if so how was it resolved?

Thank you so much in advance for any advice you can give!