Resizing Certification Logos

Could anyone please tell me how you save the certification badges in smaller sizes? It looks like on the page there are different sizes available, however, when I have clicked on each download and saved they are all big. On some pages I can resize but not on LinkedIn. 

I am using Chrome. When I right-click I have the option "Save image" as but not "Save target..." as suggested.

I do not understand the hyperlink information offered as an option at the bottom as I can't find what my certification code number is, nor do I understand about "root image directories".

Thank you in advance.


  • Hello , ,

    Please go to your certification area and Right Click The download option and Save Link As (maybe to your desktop).

    Now you can add the small Logo to your signature.

    If you still find this too big- you can resize in a simple tool such as PAINT (free with Windows OS) 

    Now save this to your Images folder.

    Add the image (1) by navigating to the images folder (2) select the required image

    You can now link the image to your certifications page.

    Click the image in your signature and then click the hyperlink option (4)

    The address you need to add is follows-

    <a href=""><img src="your image directory/your_image_name.gif" alt="SDL Certified" /></a>

    Substitute the above (In BOLD) with your proper certification status that you will find under the Education Tab (your personal code has been blurred out)

     Now once you save the changes and open a new email, this will link to your certification status-

    Please note- when someone views your certification status- they cannot see any other (personal/licence etc.) data in your account.

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks very much for your detailed reply. Despite right-clicking on the different download options and saving, they all still appeared overly large in LinkedIn (also when I resized in Paint, so I presume the issue is with LinkedIn).

    I ended up copy and pasting the link in the "Featured" area which does not have the same visual impact and requires someone clicking but it is better than nothing.

    Thanks again. I appreciate you taking the time to screen print and explain further.

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