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We will reviewthese feature requests and confirm what is possible

Adding fields/buttons in the View Translation Projects window

Please add the following fields/buttons:

  • due time
  • name of the creator of the project
  • cancel button
  • edit button for the due date and due time
  • Hi
    The custom fields are dynamic in the connector, so once you add them to the Trados project template, they will automatically appear in the SFCC connector the next time you open it. Note there maybe some caching here,so either wait 20 mins, or refresh browser/logout/login.

    Editing live projects - this isnt being considered at the moment as its a very complex issue and has knowck on effects to the overall project

  • Hi ,

    Thank you.

    Name of the creator: do we need RWS PS' help if we want to create that custom field in the connector's interface in SFCC?

    Edit button: does it mean that RWS is not considering adding that button in the future? At all?

  • Hi
    Thanks for the feedback and feature requests. I will review with the product team and ocnfirm what is possible and when these can be incorporated in a product release.

    Some initial feedback

    Due Time - yes,  with the previous enhancement request, we should be able to display this alongide the due date
    Name of Creator - by nature of the integration using a service account to authenticate, thats why all projects created come from this service account. What you can do is create a custom filed to hold the Creator name and pass that to Trados - this woudl be available today in the current solution.
    Cancel button - the API only supports cancelling a project at the Approval stage in the workflow. if you use this stage, the cartridge will show and Approve/reject button in the project tabel where you can cancel. Once a project is in the trabslation workflow, you cannot cancel it. The reason for this is translations will have been started in the TMS, and costs incurred, so cancelling a project needs communication with the translation vendor
    Edit button - this is not currently available in the API,to update a project once created.

  • Sorry, I forgot to add SalesForce Commerce Cloud connector.