Add an option to choose which translation provider is preferred irrespective of the match value: AI Professional

This one is related to how Trados Studio works: If in the long run the AI-augmented translation is the best one, I would like to see that one on top of the list of translation results. But at the moment, anything found in a translation memory is ALWAYS placed on top of the result list, even if the translation memory is last in the project settings. Please change that or make it optional. If I can tell AIP which translation provider to use as a source, and to wait until that one is in, and move the translation memory result away from the top to the bottom (or elsewhere) and move AIP results to the top of the list - only then will I have full control.

That is important because there is a notable delay otherwise since one has to first click on another result and then copy it into the target segment by CTRL+T.