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Reversing language directions for server TMs

Users quite often work with AnyTM for file based resources but when they migrate to GroupShare the feature is unsupported as result the functionality of the translation system is decreased from translator's point of view.

  • Dear all, 
    any update on this topic? 
    Would be really helpfull if it would be supported in the future.

    Best Regards

  • This has not yet been implemented in Studio 2021 and GroupShare 2020, right?

  • I agree this should be out of the box, both for local and server TMs.  Especially when you know that a Server TM is a SQL database, there is really no reason to no be able to query it in either direction. 

  • I also think this is an extremely important enhancement. Not being able to benefit from work in the reverse Language pair is limiting especially for corporations who are constantly translating content back and forth related to the same topic/field. In GroupShare I know you can add several Language pairs to a TM. In the case of adding, for example, English_US > Portuguese_BR and Portuguese_BR > English_US how would you use AnyTM Server based in this case? Or do they have to be two separate TMs? What is the purpose of creating a multi-lingual TM in GroupShare if reverse languages don’t work in the same TM? I think that ideally you should define the language pairs for a TM in GroupShare and then they update between the languages automatically, but I guess this isn’t possible, right? If I’m not mistaken I remember back in SDLX you could add all your Language pairs in a TM and if you chose EN_PT it would automatically reverse your TM in a PT_EN job. Was that because it was based on access databases? In SQL wouldn’t it work the same way?

  • Hi , thank you for the clarification, it does make sense now that you have given us an example. Thank you.