Idea Delivered

This has been delivered in Studio 2021 - it's now possible to customize date, time, number, currency and measurement formats, including the position of the currency (before or after amount).

Autolocalisation of numbers

When I translate from Polish into English I have lots of numbers written like this: VAT amount 19.372.500,00 EUR (80.965.463,40 PLN). I do realize that it is not the correct format but this is the reality. While I can set up the Studio to treat the numbers as placeables, I cannot set it up to change the numbers into proper English format, that is, VAT amount EUR 19,372,500.00 (PLN 80,965,463.40). This creates a huge amount of additional manual work (several hundred numbers every day). Terminjector and other SDL OpenExchange apps did not help (or did not even work on software server version). Begging for a solution.