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Provide a tab for sharing Excel-format Query Logs

We manage our queries via Excel sheets which are currently distributed via e-mail. (Professional query management databases have proved to be not user-friendly and sophisticated enough.) It would be great to have access to the query logs via the Mantra user interface, e.g. on a separate tab.

  • Hi Ulrike,

    Thanks for raising this suggestion, and my apologies for not responding to this until now. I have a couple of questions related to this request.

    Can you confirm if query logs are managed at project level (i.e. 1 Excel file per project) or do you have a 'master' file where queries for all projects are appended to?

    When you say the query logs should be accessible from a separate tab, can you please clarify how you would expect this to implemented? For example, are you looking for the Excel file to be opened directly in the browser (as if you were using MS Office 365) or would the Excel file just be available to download for the relevant users (from within a "Resources" section in ManTra)?

    Should the query logs should be 'editable' from within ManTra, or is this just something you want to make available for the relevant users to be able to download?

    Can you share a bit more detail on how the current process is managed offline, via email? Is there still one central 'owner' of the query logs, and would that be on the client side or the project manager?



  • maybe you could shed some light on this one.

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