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Read only user account

I'm happy if it's  possible to create a user account who has read only priviledge. In our company, some users login TDX only for downloading deliverables, images or previewing topics and maps. I'd like to prevent accidental deletion or modification of objects in the TDX repository. I know that it's possible to prohibit write access for a perticular folder by specifying an owner user group for it. However, since there are many folder have already created and changing its owner is not possble, I need another method.

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  • Hi Alex,

    Thank you for letting me know the alternative method. This method works when creating a new folder. However, we've alread created hundred of folders that have hierarchy. As you know, it's not possible to change access priviledge of a folder after creating it.



  • Hi again,

    Actually, you cannot change the Owner and the Type of the folder after it is created. However, you can change the groups which have read access to it (at least in TDX 13 and TDX 14).

    Anyway, your ideas which I've seen here are great and I definitely support them! Slight smile

    Alex V.