Welcome to the Product Release Information Page

This page has been created to make it convenient for RWS customers to understand the product lifecycle status of specific RWS product versions.  Using the links below, you can check your relevant RWS product to see which lifecycle phase applies to which product versions. Please see the below definitions of the RWS product lifecycle phases:

Product lifecycle phases

Fully Supported: These releases are actively sold, fully supported and are upgraded through Cumulative Updates on a regular basis and Hot Fixes are provided when necessary. Version Releases (for example Release 8.5) will be in this stage for a duration of 2 years from release date.

Limited Support: A versioned release enters Limited Support when a new version is released. In this support stage, RWS will continue issuing Hot Fixes for defects, and –if required –Cumulative Updates. RWS will not accept product enhancement requests anymore, and the platform support matrix will not be changed. Versions Releases will remain in this stage for a duration of at least 2 years. Subject to SDL’s discretion RWS may continue the term of the Limited Support Stage.

Extended Support: No further Service Patches or general Hot Fixes will be issued. Support will be given on a best effort basis. Note: Access to this stage will require an additional support agreement between RWS customer support and the customer to be have been agreed.

Retired: Retired products are no longer supported directly by RWS. ONLY Community Support is available.

Please find product releases information for your desired product(s) below: