While using the SDL MTC MS Office plugin, I have noticed that "+" sign is getting deleted.

While translating a text (EN to FR) which contains a "+" sign before a digit, it gets deleted in the translated text.  It works fine when there is a "-" sign, but there seems to be a problem with the "+" sign.

Please refer to the below example text:


The last column shows a value of -108 pieces. Instead, we should have the value as +9.

There is an added quantity of +99 pieces. The quantity is displayed correctly as +99 in the last column  


La dernière colonne indique une valeur de -108 pièces. Au lieu de cela, nous devrions avoir la valeur 9.

Il y a une quantité ajoutée de 99 pièces. La quantité est correctement affichée comme 99 dans la dernière colonne  

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