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Got a question... just pick the most appropriate forum from the list below and ask your question in there.  It's worth trying to make sure you are in the right forum as this will better ensure you get a sensible response, and it saves us spending time moving the posts about!  You can also subscribe to the forums and receive a digest of all the activity just by clicking the Email notifications button immediately above this text.  You can also set up your notification/subscription/digests in your Settings which you'll find in the top right of your browser... or just click this link and you'll get right there as long as you're signed in already.

Don't forget this is a community and there are no guarantees, but normally questions do get answered pretty quickly.  If you're replying to someone it's always worth tagging them in the response to make sure they see it (just in case they didn't set up their notifications correctly) and you do this by typing an @ symbol followed by their username which you can see when you hover over their name.

You can find the Group Owners to the right, and you can also contact them by clicking on Contact Owners. This is intended to provide a way to draw their attention to a post if you haven't had a response after a day or two, or to ask for help if you're unhappy about the content or the type of replies you are seeing.  It's not a substitute for using the forums, so please don't expect to get help with the products in any way using this feature!

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