Trados Enterprise - 24.04.1 Release

We have just released the latest update to Trados Enterprise translation management capabilities, and we would like to share the new functionality that has been delivered. 

New features and updates are automatically added to your account, so just login to Trados Enterprise, and they will be available immediately. 

Associated resources per Customer 

With this release, we are introducing a dynamic overview of resources per Customer. This provides a great visual overview of all resources available and the relationship between them. 
You can browse, drag and zoom this overview or double-click on an item to open the tree. For some of the resources, with a click, you can also open a new tab with that resource. 

Global filter at tenant level 

We have introduced a filter at the global level, so when you are focusing on a specific Customer, this will be retained across multiple screens you navigate to in the UI.
When a filter is specified, you will only see resources from that location and below. 

The filter can be accessed from the top menu by clicking the filter icon. If a filter is active, a dot will show in the icon. 

Note: The global filter does not apply to the following: 

  • Dashboard 
  • Inbox 
  • Reports 
  • Customers 
  • Vendors 


UX improvement in Resources view 

As the number of resources has grown, we have streamlined the Resources sub-menus to tidy up the list. 
As such, we have now consolidated Translation Engines, Translation Memories, Termbases and NMT models into a Linguistic Resources sub-menu. 
This allows more room for additional sub-menus in the Resources view. 

Also, we have introduced Location trees, available in other screens in the UI, in Translation Memory, File Type Configuration and Language Processing rules filter views. This provides a cleaner and more hierarchical view on resources: 

Custom field enhancements 

Custom fields can now be included in the Project list as columns, providing users with a succinct overview when custom fields have been specified for multiple projects. 

We have now also exposed Custom fields in the Inbox for tasks. This can be helpful if there is information you want to make available to linguists or vendors.  
For example, you could link to a style guide from a custom field so this is readily available for anyone working on a particular task. 

We have also now introduced the option to delete individual picklist values from custom fields. 
For resources that have historically used the picklist value, these will remain as before. As an example, projects created using a deleted picklist value will still retain that picklist value. However, when creating new resources, any deleted picklist values can no longer be used. 

Sample project tours for new users 

We now offer a tour for any new user invited to a tenant who has the Create Project permission. As part of this tour, we also include the option to create a sample project to help users familiarize themselves with the product.

These sample projects and associated resources will be created in a Sample Customer that is created automatically, so these projects will not interfere with production work. 

Allow export of all language pairs when exporting only a Translation Memory

When exporting multilingual Translation Memories, you can now export multiple languages in parallel. 


Customer Portal Updates 

Customer Portal users now have the option to customize the content and layout of the Dashboard page according to their own preference. Dashboard tiles can be added, deleted, resized or moved to a different location within the page, and the custom layout is automatically saved for when the user next logs into the Customer Portal. Users can also easily revert to the default layout if they prefer. 

TM Search results now adopt a color scheme consistent with the rest of the Trados portfolio, whereby 100% matches are displayed in green rather than gold. 

In cases where multiple deliveries are needed, the iteration number is now displayed so they are easily distinguishable for users. 

When completing a task, we now present Customer Reviewers with additional details about the next available task, including information about the project, language, and file. 



We have introduced two new fields relating to Project Conversations that are available in the Projects table when working with the Custom Reporting module. The new fields report on the number of comments that have been added for a given project, and the number of distinct users that contributed to a conversation. 


St. Patrick’s Day, Easter & April Fool’s Avatars 

We have introduced new avatars for Easter and April Fool’s Day. Happy holidays! 


API updates 

Our Public API continues to evolve with some customer-requested features. We have just released the following: 

  • Various bug fixes. 

 For more details, please visit the What's New Page 

Additional changes 

  • In the Vendor Quote Review task we now provide the source file, which is helpful when trying to estimate costs for non-linguistic tasks 

  • When adding another language or Translation Memory to the Translation Engine, the Update checkbox will now be set to active/inactive, depending on what was previously set. If you have at least one active, the new one is added as active, otherwise as inactive 

  • Additionally the main checkbox for a TM with both active/inactive settings, will now show as partially checked 

  • In Translation Engine you can now reorder Machine Translation providers, so that they will be applied in the order specified 

  • We have now introduced the ability to export and import Tag Verifier, Term Verifier and Custom Verification settings 

  • The Trados Copilot has now been trained on specific product offering documentation, such as Trados Team or Trados Studio Cloud capabilities 

  • You can now set the Vendor Quote Review and Approval due dates specifically 

  • Various bug fixes and UX enhancements. 


We hope this post was informative, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with updates to the product. 

Trados Product Management