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Trados Enterprise - XML/XHTML v1 File filter deprecation

We have deprecated the XML/XHTML v1 File filters used by Trados Enterprise. This means that creation of v1 based filters is disabled.

We recommend all users and customers to use the XML v2 File filter which supports all v1 functionality, provides higher performance and has bugs resolved.

Existing v1 configurations can still be used and modified. Existing projects will also not be affected.

Instructions on how to migrate from v1 to v2 can be found here:

  • Hi Frank, this was indeed a key change in v2. In v1, all this content tended to bloat the resulting bilingual file beyond what was required for healthy and performant processing, not least when it comes to the cloud, but also in local and server scenarios. So we now take this content out of the translatable document, making it much leaner, but you should still be able to see such content in the raw prewiew (XML nodes), so this would now be the recommended way to consult such content where needed. Thanks, Daniel

  • Hi Luis, as far as I am aware of, there is one tiny feature (others might call it "inconvenient") in XML v2 compared to XML v1: XML v2 does not allow a translator to switch to the All-Content view in Studio and see all the non-translatable text nodes in addition to the translatable ones, correct? Otherwise, I also think that XML v2 covers all functionality covered by both XML v1.2 and XML v1.3. Regards Frank